Visualization in Design Practice: Hendrick Hudson Free Library

Go to a public space (such as a museum, shopping mall, hospital, airport, sports complex, school or theme park) and carry out an analysis of the information design of the displays and exhibits, based on material covered in class and your own insights. Analyze and critique the design based upon concepts and examples from the readings, and provide appropriate references. Consider any of the following elements that may be applied to your study:

  • Signage systems, directions, maps.
  • Visual information, including charts, symbols, diagrams, photographs.
  • Quality of exhibits and displays.
  • Quality of contextual information: explanations, background information, etc.
  • Effective use of stories and related strategies to engage the audience and make the information meaningful.
  • Appropriateness for audience (Who is the audience? Is the information designed appropriately for that audience?).
  • Overall design, including aesthetics, integration of different components, cohesiveness, unity, clarity of purpose.

Propose areas for improvement in your blog post along with your analysis. Include theories you use, the tools that would be most useful to solve design problems, and to utilize the research and discovery processes we have discussed in this class.


The libraries of New York, in general, are pretty spectacular.  However, I live in a pretty expensive county and the libraries I’ve been to so far are impressive.  I’ve been accustomed to painting a picture with words.  Since this class, I’ve learned the meaning behind showing as well as providing the words.

This is Hendrick Hudson Free Library:

02. 0581-00 - HENDRICK 02 - 960x540 0581-00 – HENDRICK 01 – 960×540.png

A meticulous and very clean look.  This library has gone through many changes over the course of almost 20 years.

I found a timeline that will give some background information to this process and the beautiful grounds.  An amazing fact: this used to be the Firehouse.

Library Timeline 1931 to Present


HHFL founded by a group of women from the College Hill section of Montrose.


Library Association formed.
Library located on the ground floor of a house at the corner of Albany Post Road and Kings Ferry Road. (Current location of the Cortlandt Ambulance Corps) Five trustees elected.



Provisional Charter Granted May 20, 1938.


Absolute charter granted by the New York State Education Department.



New home at the Kavana Building on Albany Post Road.

 kavana building

Library moves to the renovated Montrose Fire House, 1 Kings Ferry Road

BeforeFirehouse before





Brand new facility at 185 Kings Ferry Road opens in July.

library open

Phase 2 completed: Expanded Children’s Room. Larger Community Room with a balcony; Additional Study Room.

Expanded children room



Celebrating 65 years of Library Service to the Hendrick Hudson School District residents.


Hendrick Hudson Free Library celebrates its 75th year of service.

75 service



In January of 2015, the library became the first library in Westchester County to obtain Green Certification through the Westchester Green Business Challenge.


The ease of access to information is available in a number of ways.  The counter can provide information or the centrally located Help Desk are there to provide assistance.  I’m sure most are familiar with library systems so I won’t go overboard with them.  They are labeled in ways that you can access them readily.  In genre, author, subject, content, type, section, and computer access to the same information.  I happen to not like Westchester County much, but their library system does work efficiently for everyone.  You might have to wait a long time for a top selling item, but the ways of using your card to access your spot in line give you an idea for how long.

Because I primarily use epub, Mobi, or fb2 I tend to get actual books when I absolutely need to.  Of course, when my mood strikes and I need to feel the pages I will.  However, I’m big on the fact my screen has a light and I can read without using a light to read a book.  I know weird but simpler.  There set up has always been about ease of access and so people can find what they need.  If they can’t they are there to help you.  Being surrounded by close-knit type communities you get to know the librarians.

Taking that into consideration the times and accessibility even for those impaired or disable is visible.

Take a look inside and see how inviting it is:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is a book drop located outside in the parking lot and inside at the desk.  All around the room on labeled signs it tells you which section you are in.  Each row of shelves is labeled and easy to understand.  Again, if you can’t understand the system I librarian is always available to help.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to this library over the years.  It is a relaxing place to go.  And from the pictures it is big.  It does have an upstairs that is available for events or even classes.

Utilizing what I’ve learned in class, I noticed I paid more attention to signs and pictures.  The fact this library is so open and spacious does help.  All signs are noticeable and easy to understand.  Because I’m so familiar with the library, I took appreciation to how to locate information and with what.  There are numerous computers and ways to access the information.  If no one is available computer access is there for your use.  Personally, I find browsing and familiarizing myself with the set-up easier to understand by doing a walk around.

Changing this library?  After the number of changes it has since gone through, I would think the only thing to make it even better is more books even on the online directory.  I’m pretty sure that has been the only complaint I’ve heard is a bigger selection and to widen its materials to other genre’s and topics.  Some material is very limited even online.


I enjoyed this project because I do go to this library regularly, and I really didn’t want to deal with a hospital, museum, or shopping mall.  I was going to write about my daughter’s school, but I wanted to include a map that I couldn’t find.  So, I went further into our beautiful library.


Works cited:

HenHud Free Library,w_640/newsnet-photo-fid-584733

Inside and out Hen Hud Library×540.png

Inside Hen Hud Newer Additions×540.png

Other views of Hen Hud Library×540.png


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